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logo Q Academy





A leading remedial massage school, Q Academy needed to refresh their branding in order to reflect their modern approach to health and fitness services in a fast changing and competitive market.


Market change commands that companies' identities need to change along with them to remain progressive. Brand evolution can be a powerful catalyst to new growth and market share.


Beeline Design &  Print worked closely with the company to ensure the new brands sustainability and success.


The new branding lead to other marketing materials to be brought into line with the new logo and produced a contemporary look fitting for today's environment.





The team at Beeline Design & Print has the remarkable advantage of   pairing the two most important elements of branding into a powerful duo of matching design and print by being able to source the perfect stock, implement production variations and add elements such as foiling, embossing or die-cutting all in one place.

Creating the utmost impact for the client's brand and resulting in a very cost effective way to update branding.


We work together as a team to ensure a very successful outcome for our clients and therefore building on a long and effective business relationship.